La Terenuri


Chora : Talk | Dec 14, 2015 | “At the Playgrounds – Common Space in Mănăștur”

Laura Panait and Silviu Medeșan will present “At the Playgrounds - Common Space in Mănăștur” or how the community is building-up the neighbourhood on December 14, 4pm in the studio A816.

‘At the Playgrounds – Shared Space in Mănăștur’/ ‘La Terenuri – Spațiu Comun în Mănăștur’ started in 2012 as a local project based in Cluj, Romania, part of the European Project ‘Landscape Choreography’. Since then we continued to work with the communities around the common space with events, workshops and debates using alternative and local funding. Our work as participative process is about activating the communities around the only big green area of a former-communist neighbourhood in order for them to reclaim this space not only as common but as a public space to be assumed also by the authorities. Since the beginning of the project we succeeded to expand our initiative in a school near the area and a former communist cinema of the neighbourhood - Cinema Dacia. The project we proposed for Actors of Urban Change Program (Coordinated by Bosch Stiftung Berlin) is building-up a methodology to integrate inhabitants’ ideas and desires in the programming of the future community and youth center Dacia.

Laura Panait (1983) lives and works in Cluj. She has a PhD in Philology and Urban Anthropology at UBB Cluj. She graduated from Bauhaus Dessau Kolleg VIII, “EU Urbanism”. She organized several artistic interventions in public space in Cluj (including the Paintbrush Factory), Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Luxembourg. She took part in the 12th edition of the Architecture Biennale in Venice with the project "Superbia". She is part of the Colectiv A Association and she also coordinates the initiative At the Playground - Shared Space in Mănăștur.

Silviu Medeșan (1984) lives and works as architect in Cluj. He's interested in design, art, architecture and cross-disciplinary interventions projects in public space. He coordinated the Architecture Days in 2007 and 2009 as the president of Architecture Student's Association in Cluj, he participated in Venice Biennale in 2010 with the multi-media project 'FoO0Oo0am' (part of Suberbia exhibition), he was constantly part of art in public space exhibition Visible City curated by AltArt (2011-2014). Since 2012 he works with the Colectiv A Association (Paintbrush Factory) in the project At the Playground - Shared Space in Mănăștur. In September 2015 participated at Idea Camp organised by European cultural Foundation in Stockhom and starting from December 2015 he will take part in Actors of Urban Change Programme by Robert Bosch Stiftung. Sivliu is currently is a PhD Student at Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism in Cluj with the thesis 'Form follows situation - contemporary city as forseen by stuationists'.

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