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Video performance for 3 to 30 people creating a collective painting. Everybody is dressed in black covering a wall with black paint. The camera is recording this action. Every person is able to paint the way one likes, the process will be individual but in the end the whole painting turns into one big black spot: the “black hole”. All painters seem to disappear together inside the “black hole”. Black Screen shows the creation of another dimension behind the space we see – a space of imagination.

I like to bring the viewer back to the making of art. Everything seems to be so obvious but in one single moment we see people disappear in front of our eyes and a simple black painting turns into another space.

Johanna Reich

concept & video installation: Johanna Reich
with the support: Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf, Germany
in collaboration with: Colectiv A in the frame of Temps D’Images Festival Cluj, German Cultural Center Cluj