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Madeleine is the story of a waiting. A woman awaits someone’s return. She doesn’t know if and how it will happen, she doesn’t know when. All she knows is that it will happen, and it will be unpredictable, devastating and destructive: anything she has built before will break. At the beginning, everything looks serene, secure, protected: the woman, alone, inhabits a tranquil and definite place. The gestures are minimal, the slow movements remain suspended in the air. The space is still, precisely outlined, the lines that pass through it draw precise courses and paths. Slowly but implacably, a strange spell settles down on things and moves all that should stay in place, small, contradictory signals appear between the folds of reality: a breath of wind, the sudden passage of a shadow, a light that moves or suddenly turns off. The woman tries to protect herself; she tries to get hold of reality. An atmosphere of strange electricity fills the stage. The woman realizes that soon she won’t be alone anymore.

idea: Muta Imago
directed by: Claudia Sorace
script/sound: Riccardo Fazi
scenography: Massimo Troncanetti
with the aid of: Luca Giovagnoli
performance: Glen Blackhall, Chiara Caimmi, Irene Petris
costumes: Fiamma Benvignati
painting: Laura Arlotti
producer: Muta Imago 2009
coproducers: RomaEuropa Festival, Regione Lazio, Assessorato alla Cultura, Spettacolo e Sport, in collaboration with Bassano Opera Festival, ArtLink Association, Romania
supported by: Centro Valeria Moriconi/Jesi e Amat per Premio Valeria Moriconi/Futuro della Scena, L’Arboreto-Teatro Dimora di Mondaino, Centrale Fies, Kollatino Underground, Teatro Fondamenta Nuove, Città di Ebla