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A father decides to end his life, along with two of his children. Triple Point fictionalizes an immediate reality, refused and quickly overlooked in the public space and analyzes through speculation and research, the context in which an event like the one shown has occurred, determinant factors and immediate consequences. Triple Point is a project of social observation and active art that aims to explore contemporary social changes, the male – female relations and the family concept in the social dynamics of the beginning of the third millennium.

directed by/text: Bogdan Georgescu
with: Ion Vântu, Katalin Berekméri, Elena Purea, Mihaela Mihai, Csaba Ciugulitu, Andrei Chiran
scenography: Irina Gâdiuță
light design: Kászoni Attila
sound design: Sever Andrei, Jancso Levente II
assistant director: Olga Macrinici
assistant documentation: Simina Corlat
consultant: Daniel Oltean
coproduction: Colectiv A and Tîrgu Mureș National Theatre
supported by: the Administration of National Cultural Fund