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Jul 2020

Public Talk #3| Laboratory of the Absent Body

/ ora 19:00 / 1h 30 min

Introductory word by Joachim Umlauf

Moderator: Ovidiu ȚichindeleanuSpeakers: Raluca Iacob & second speaker TBA

We are often reminded about the importance of culture in relation to the heightened cultural consumption during this pandemic. It is said to be a survival-stratagem for humanity in times of global complexity. Wouldn’t it be unfair to impute this tremendous role to culture merely on the very brink of an unfolding crisis? Culture is a cross-sectoral presence in our lives and serves as a continuous interface in all the fundamental spheres of society, economy, ecology, or politics. We may in fact claim that we are passing through a cultural crises that manifests in various shapes and forms: a crises fuelled by growing nationalism that backfires the political federalism of the EU, the acknowledgement of an ecological crises that has taken decades while making way for a culture of waste in a consumerist society, and a global sanitary crises morphing slowly into a cultural one with various localized responses etc.

Supporting and investing in culture can turn into reality with a long-term public policy that has a lasting effect for multiple generations. This will harden them to cope with the anxieties that define the multiplicity of momentary crises’ and those out on the horizon. 

How does the Romanian Ministry of Culture prepare for an uncertain future? Who are the key actors and partners it teams with when mapping out the cultural policies for the post-pandemic era? What are the plans of the Ministry of Culture to put the cultural sector, specifically the performing arts back on their feet? What are the governmental measures for artists and cultural workers starting from the need of an insurance plan and social welfare? How does the sector react to these provisions?

The event will take place in Romanian with an English introduction and will be live-streamed on the Cultural Management Academy Bucharest & EUNIC Romania Facebook page.


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