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Laboratory of the Absent Body. Reset scenarios for performing arts 

Last year’s edition focused on the transition of arts and culture to the digital world – and here we are now, completely immersed in the virtual space. We did not imagine this digital acceleration and for some of us, it can be a real struggle to cope with the real and the virtual world simultaneously. Many scientists have announced that Covid-19 may last for months to come, while thinkers, economists and philosophers warn society of a point of no return to its former existence. This new context is pressing cultural actors in the performing arts world to rethink in depth many aspects of their artistic and cultural work. Beyond the financial difficulties overpowering the cultural sector during and after this health crisis, the performing arts community finds itself faced with the urgency of reinventing its core form to somehow make it through in the mid term. Taking these challenges head on, our project wants to create conditions to enable mutual learning and understanding of this crisis situation and to seek solutions to the problems of creation, production and dissemination of performing arts after Covid-19.

The Laboratory of the Absent Body explores scenarios that may revive the meaning of performing arts and anticipates the need to reshape and rethink their way of existing and the relation to the audiences, it is an opportunity to understand and create tools of adaptation to the realities of the moment. By joining this year’s edition of CMA, together with other creators and cultural workers from the performing arts field in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, and working closely with international and Romanian trainers, we can create a framework to share ideas and concerns about the new challenges faced by the live performing arts community and unexpected possibilities that may emerge from this new context. We are looking for interactive and participatory working approaches to topics such as: ‘Body in isolation. Common body’; ‘Hybrid forms and the digital performing arts’; ‘Rethink and reframe. Sustainability – is it a myth?’; ‘Mobility and cooperation for performing arts after Covid-19’; ‘Audience development 2.0’; and Self-organisation and unions for performing arts’.